A lot of people know and call me by my first name, ‘Loy’, although there have been several written and pronounced variations of that name — Aloy, Loi, Leo, Law, (insert whatever suits you here) — which is a subject of another post.

Even though I prefer being called ‘Loy’, I also like my surname ‘Okezie’, which apparently has had its mutilated variations too — Okozie, Okezi, Okeze, Okiezie (insert yours here) — which again is the topic of another post.

Interestingly, unlike ‘Loy’, ‘Okezie’ has a more appealing meaning. It’s an Igbo name or word that literally means He creates well. The name has further been described as meaning: “God has completed this”.

So essentially, ‘Okezie’ could act as a verb: to create or complete, e.g. It was Rachel who okezied that beautiful dress or as a noun to describe someone who creates, e.g. He is an Okezie.

When used as an adjective suffix, it could mean “-like”, that is, “having qualities of”, thus when something or someone is ‘Okeziely’, it is Okezie-like, that is, having the qualities of a creator e.g The young boy became Okeziely after that training.

So you’re still reading? You must be a very patient English student. By now, you’re connecting the dots, I suppose.

But if you skipped that grammar class, I’m sure you’ll find it difficult to understand why I’m now @okeziely on Twitter. So here’s a crash course — I chose to change my Twitter handle to @okeziely because I’m Okezie-like, having the qualities of a creator. After all, I’m created in God’s image :)

As per those who mutilate the name, I believe it would be a good way for them to learn how to spell and pronounce the word ‘Okezie’ properly, as someone like Seiyie seriously needs to learn faster.

Oh, my bad…I too need to learn how to spell Seyi.

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One Response to Yeah, I’m now @okeziely on Twitter!

  1. P1! says:

    LOL. Very nice though. E.g. I am currently okezieing a great application.

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