Yesterday, Access Bank sent an SMS to its customers saying that they can enjoy unlimited access on all its electronic channels for a monthly fee.

The SMS reads:

“Dear Customer, Enjoy unlimited access on all our electronic channels-ATMs /POS, Cards and Intra bank transfers on accessonline for just N100 monthly.”

Granted, banks charge between N50-N100, when customers are making withdrawals from ATM machines other than their banks’.

My concern is why banks such as Access Bank should be charging its own customers to use its own electronic channels.

Isn’t the cashless policy a way to generate more cash for these financial institutions?

In my opinion, the banks are benefiting more from this policy than its customers.

What are your thoughts?

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One Response to #CashlessLagos: Why Should Access Bank Charge Customers To Use Its Electronic Channels?

  1. Roberta says:

    They are just looking for various ways of dragging money out of our pocket, i think they should be a way we can also enjoy some benefit, as far as i am concern, its a win win deal for the banks

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