Yeah, it's me...pounding cocoa-yam :) Image by iRach

A few weeks ago, my wife returned home with some Oha soup bought from a local restaurant close to where she works which we used for dinner on one Friday night.

By the way, Oha (or Ora) soup is a traditional soup similar to the bitterleaf soup but cooked with Ora (or Oha) leaves. It is native to the South Eastern Nigeria.

So the soup she bought that day prepared with Oha leaves and assorted meat, fish and kpomo (my favourite) was very delicious and much to my delight, so I requested that she makes the same someday.

She told me that Oha soup could be stressful to make, especially with pounding cocoa-yam, which should be hot when pounded and could have lumps if not pounded properly.

I obliged and volunteered to pound it, even if that was my only contribution.

As the saying goes: “Better soup na money kill am”, so my craving for Oha soup made me pound cocoa-yam this afternoon.

Before now, I had never pounded anything like it before, but enjoyed the soup whenever I had the opportunity.

When I started, it seemed easy as the already soft cocoa-yams where mashed in a mortar with the help of a pistol without complaining, but it became tough when my wife told me that I needed to apply more pressure on the pounding to avoid the mashed cocoa-yam having lumps.

It's me this time, with intense sweating! Image by iRach

The pounding went on…for several minutes…and as my sweating became intense, I kept asking myself: Isn’t there a way that technology can mash this thing in seconds?

After about 30 minutes or so, she was finally satisfied with the smoothness of the mashed cocoa-yam and at last, I was finally free. Sigh.

Will I pound it again? Not sure, but I sure won’t mind eating the whole pot of that soup when it’s ready.

So my question is: Is there some product of technology that can mash yam, cocoa-yam, etc?

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4 Responses to Can Tech Pound Yam? [PHOTO]

  1. webround says:

    For pounding cocoa-yam: My mum had one of those combination Kenwood Cake Mixers. She used it strictly for cake mixing but my sister would swap one of the attachments and use it for pounding cocoa yam anytime she had to prepare Oha Soup.

  2. Paul says:

    LOL. I remember helping mum a couple of times with that. Not a job to relish at all!! If technology for it were to be developed will it be commercially viable? That's the real question that will drive the impetus. Good writeup there at least for the soul.

  3. timi da' uyi says:

    You funny no be small thing. See as sweat wan wound u becos u wan eat oha soup. God catch u! My brother dey wound urself there. Tech wey dey pound yam don dey since my grand father was born.

  4. carsdey says:

    Interesting article. We still have a long way to go in Nigeria and technology is yet to make our daily activities easy(in Nigeria). There are a lot of innovators and technology minded young men and women who are ready to innovate friendly technology to make this easy. But, what Nigeria lacks at the moment is investors who are ready to invest in home made technology. All investors I can think of are either investing in real estate or Oil!… By the way I enjoy your blog!

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