This month, we launch a new feature that I’m hoping will be regular: a weekly round-up of the biggest technology stories both locally and globally. Now by biggest, I mean stories that got our attention big time.

So then, here goes this week’s biggest tech stories (in no particular order):

1. Microsoft’s pre-launch of Windows 8 OS

2. Google, Yahoo, And Bing Collaborate On Structured Data To Make Search Listings Richer

3. Twitter’s Plan to Kill Twitpic and Yfrog With Twitter Photos

4. NCC Shutdown Mobile Communications in Abuja (Oh, Syria Also Went Offline)

5. Paul Graham: Total Value Of Y Combinator-Funded Startups Is $4.7 Billion

6. Shaquille O’Neal Announces Retirement On Twitter

7. Apple announces the unveiling of iCloud

8. Twitter Search Aims To Become Personally Relevant

9. Domain name, Auctioning starts at $5 million

10. Google releases +1 button to the whole web

Now, I’m guessing that there were other major tech news that disrupted our senses and generally caught our attention. For me, these are the ones that I found most interesting and fascinating to write about.

Just in case I missed something that you think was a huge story, you can whisper them in your comments :) Just allow me do the hyping ;-)

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5 Responses to Tech Round-up: This Week’s 10 Biggest Tech Stories

  1. I will like to Comment on the No.1, it was not a launch but a preview of what it will look like. The launch will likely be early next year. you might want to correct that. Only Partners (OEMs) of Microsoft have Technical Previews of the Win8 (

  2. Tope says:

    Yeah the Windows 8 news is an interesting one, funny how mobile OS’s are now inspiring the desktop… . Just iOS features finding its way into the Mac….

    Nice round up, Loy…..

  3. [...] Last week, I introduced a new feature: a weekly round-up of the biggest technology stories both locally and globally. Check out last week’s biggest stories here. [...]

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