The Co-Creation Hub Nigeria has announced the 6 shortlisted ideas for their Tech-in-Governance series this year.

In February, the organization called for entries of ideas for web/mobile based tools that can help transform citizen participation in Governance in Nigeria.

Here are the 6 shortlisted ideas for Tech-in-Governance:

Idea #1 – Project Watch

A project execution monitoring system where citizen can certify execution of government projects

What’s unique about the Idea?

It introduces a third party into the project executed my government focusing on infrastructure. When contracts are awarded especially road, citizen only know what the government tell them about the project. This system encourages citizens to monitor the projects and monitor the execution of the project. Since the ideas is focusing on road construction where billions have been wasted, it uses Google Map interactively.

Idea #2 - Citizens Against Rigging Election (C.A.R.E)

‘CARE’ is an initiative to combat election rigging in Nigerian.
This initiative is designed to organize interested members of the public and professional organizations within and outside of Nigeria; and to connect them by the singular use of a mobile phone to video record and transmit (to a specific site on the web) the official announcement by the INEC agent at each polling unit nationwide. A control-center then processes it for onward live transmission during the voting and post-voting election period. This empowers and informs the public on how these results are initially and finally processed.

What’s unique about the Idea?

Using modern technology that is controlled and operated by an independent enterprise for public use.

Idea #3 - Resident Reports

Residents Report – RR® – is a Social Innovation application that “puts the city in our hands, allows citizens/residents decide the destiny of their communities and gets public service agencies to do their jobs accountably”. The Residents Report platform, (to be powered by user friendly mobile & web apps) will allow people point local problems to the public service institutions responsible in order for these every-day issues to be solved quickly and efficiently. They say “a problem shared is a problem solved.” With Residents Report – we believe that a problem “reported” is a problem more likely solved.

What’s unique about the Idea?

In today’s ever-changing, innovative technology-driven world; it has become more imperative than ever for governments to interactively engage with its people.  These ICT have largely contributed to the growth of new demand for citizen empowerment and this engagement in itself forms the very tenet of true “democracy”: a government FOR and BY the people. Therefore, empowering citizens to hold their governments accountable for the provision of much needed public services is crucial to measuring good governance, civic responsibility and holding government officials to their campaign promises.

Idea #4 - CitizenVine

A web application that allows citizen to suggest and rate project ideas for the government as well as review ongoing projects by the government

What’s unique about the Idea?

The idea puts the citizens at the driver seat of project creation, execution and monitoring.

Idea #5 - Ideas2020 is a web application that will empower people to drive innovation towards realizing Nigeria’s vision2020. The web application collect specific ideas from citizens, give them a platform to vote, the most important ideas bubble to the top.

What’s unique about the Idea?

This will be the first idea sharing website for getting citizen’s ideas to the government.

Idea #6 - Budget4u

The idea is to do analysis of the Nigerian state and federal budgets and present them in a readable format which includes figures,  charts, diagram and performance analysis for the Nigerian populace. This is key to proper understanding of what budgets entails and sourcing this information can be easily gotten form budget offices and enhanced through the passage of FOI bill. This is critical to benchmark governance and the government’s allocation to specific sectors.

What’s unique about the Idea?

It is an idea that will ride on a mobile app and text based subscription service by requesting key words. It will include charts in its contents for comparisons and sectoral allocation. It is about bringing the budgets in readable format and including Nigerians on how their money is being allocated to each specific sector and can be part of monitoring process.

Tech-In Governance is organizing a 48-hour event that would gather ideas, people and digital tools aimed at creating novel web & mobile solutions to transform citizen participation in governance.

The event scheduled for 24th to 26th of March, 2011 would provide an open space and a living lab with the aim of transforming a set of early-stage ideas into prototypes in 48hrs.

Participants will be organised into teams to work on each of the best 6 ideas.

In an election year, there’s a need for smart ideas to be injected into governance and technology has a key role to play.

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