An initiative to give everyone a chance to say what they love about Lagos has been launched using a Facebook application and offers prizes to the most liked photos.

The initiative called, TaG LaGos allows participants to share interesting photos and their experiences with other people on Governor Babatunde Fashola’s fan page on Facebook.

How it works?

If you have a picture of Lagos that inspires you and want to share it with the world, you can simply upload it to the TaG LaGos Facebook application before noon on Friday of every week with a 15-20 word explanation of why you love it.

If you meet all the requirements, your picture of Lagos will be posted on the TaG LaGos album on Governor Fashola’s fan page on facebook with your description and you will be tagged.

Then you can tag all your friends and ask them to “like” your picture and if at the end of the week your picture has the most “likes”, you stand the chance of winning cool prizes such as Blackerry phones, iPhones and Internet connections. You can only win a prize once a month.

To participate, you must be a fan of the Babatunde Fashola fan page on Facebook and also be registered on All winners will be declared on the fan page on the Saturday of the competition week.

My Thoughts

This is crowd-sourcing 2.0 and I think it should be fun and interesting to watch. I’m guessing that Governor Fashola approves and supports this initiative; otherwise it could be an opportunistic move.

As social media continues to bring people together to join conversations and share stuff, companies need to learn from this initiative to get their customers, employees and stakeholders talking and sharing ideas about their products.

After all, crowd-sourcing is about tapping into the knowledge of the crowd. And there’s no better medium than social media.

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3 Responses to If You Love Lagos, Tag Her. You Might Win:)

  1. Afam says:

    When will Nigerians learn to seperate a state with an individual. Why is it that whenever a state is mentioned, either the governor or President must be mentioned. Governance is supposed to be an institution rather than a one man show.

    Anyway, it' a good concept.

  2. johnj says:

    This merely would go to substantiate that Facebook . com has achieved much more than most of the people originally estimated.

  3. eboda says:

    Gov Babatunde Fashola is a pride of africa , the best amoung the best in the World, there still many to do , but always consider the poor peoples , why because the peoples at okokomaiko old and small that came out to vote are not the big type,but they said fashola is the one that bring me out to vote.

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