Manchester United, the English Premier League Football Club is said to be launching its own social network for its identified target of more than 500 million worldwide fans.

The idea is to “drive engagement with the club’s fans and tap into Asian markets, where Manchester United has a strong following and smartphone use is growing rapidly”.

It’s also possible that Manchester United wants to leverage its own ad network and sponsorship opportunities for brands which equals more dollars for the club.

But it is uncertain how Manchester United plans to get 500 million fans to sign up for its yet-to-launch platform when it can only convince 20 million out of Facebook’s 800 users to follow it on an existing social network.

[via: TheNextWeb]

Disclosure: I’m a Manchester United fan :)

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3 Responses to Manchester United to launch social network for its 500 million fans?

  1. Mark Amaza says:

    I think the comparison between Manchester United only being able to attract 20 million people to its Facebook page and their proposed network is not fair. For one, not every Facebooker is a Man Utd fan and that figure is very impressive, especially when you consider interests of Facebookers and also how active each Facebook user. That said, their proposed network might not attract more than 20 million because almost every fan that could be on their network is already on Facebook and should have found their page.

  2. Engr. Abdul says:

    The can do it, true spirit

  3. kcee says:

    I can't wait to see what the site would look like. I trust them not to disappoint.

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