Last wednesday, I launched with much excitement a new technology news blog at!

After several months of intense planning (at times during the heat of the day) and spirited strategising (mostly in the quiet of the night) for an independent media site that can cover and cater to the needs of the local tech, mobile and startup ecosystem, the launch was greeted with great excitement from the Internet community.

Within the past week, I’ve covered some very exciting stories and revelations on the blog. (Go check ‘em out for yourself) But nothing as big as a story that could break the TechLoy server yet :)

So why TechLoy?

Simply because I believe it’s time for me to build an independent tech media network that provides relevant news and information about what’s happening and what to expect within the industry in West Africa’s tech markets.

To achieve this, I’m building around me a great team of carefully selected experts in their own field, coupled with our combined network of contacts within the industry. More will be revealed about these people when appropriate.

Oh before I forgot, many thanks to Anibe Agamah for designing and developing such a great technology blog! And thanks to Ahmad Mukoshy for designing the TechLoy logo. These guys are rock stars!

So what next for

Well, there’s not much to say for now than: expect the creation of the brand – Loy Okezie.

But hey, don’t be in a rush to unsubscribe from the blog’s feed or even stop visiting this blog. Just be assured that what would become of pretty soon is perhaps the best kept secret :-)

See you around!

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4 Responses to, the new blog in the tech bloc

  1. Stephen Jack says:

    Good to know! I entered in the Nigerian internet world about a month ago and at first I thought their will be nothing much because I heard their is a very little usage of internet in Nigeria. But all these perceptions went wrong when I read the tech blogs of Nigerian guys which were as informative as the blog should be. Very soon I made very good connections which are growing.
    Today I jumped on your blog from nowhere and where I find the announcement of another blog. Lucky days for me :)

  2. AVS says:

    Congratulations. Techloy – the techcrunch of Africa :)


  3. iRach says:

    Congratulations TechLoy…. ur blog is very Innovative and Inspiring. Keep up d good wrk guy!

  4. SadiqSafana says:

    I have being following your blog for some months now and thought I drop a comment about the good work you are doing to keep us updated on the Nigerian Tech World. Techloy is our Techcrunch. As regards your latest entry, (Why Nigeria Must Build Tech Innovation Hubs (Or Bleed Out)), I strongly agree with you that we need a Tech Innovation Hub in Nigeria. Currently I am sitting on three start-ups 2 r web and 1 is mobile, I recently launched the first one which is

    Keep on the good work Brother!

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