We’ve been in huge anticipation, as we are guessing you’ve been for the release of Inye 2.

When we heard that the Inye 2 tablet would be due for release end of March, we got more excited.

Last night, TechLoy received an image of what the long-awaited Encipher tablet, Inye 2 would look like.

The image (above) must have been a rendered version with 3D software of what we can expect the Inye 2 to look like.

The photo suggests that Inye 2 is thinner and lighter than the first Inye. And it does look sleek and sexy, especially with the new curves.

Inye 2 is obviously coming with some cool new features and specs, which include faster processor, upgradeable android 2.2, capacitive screen, slimmer design, internal SIM module, bluetooth, WiFi, GPS and camera.

But perhaps the coolest thing about Inye 2 is 3G data plans bundled for free for a period.

We earlier speculated that the Inye 2 would come in two sizes: 8inch and 10inch models. But it appears that the Inye 2 would now come with an 8inch multi-touch screen model. Perhaps the 10inch model might be released in the future.

Encipher is officially launching the Inye 2 most likely in Abuja where people would get a hands-on experience on the new device.

While we’re not sure if Encipher would be tieing up with major telecom operators to market the Inye 2, it is likely that they are in talks with some telecom operators in Nigeria.

In the meantime, the Inye 2 when it officially goes on sale would be available at the Silverbird stores in Abuja and through Encipher distributors nationwide.

Disclosure: I’m an Encipher Inye dealer. Please visit this link to place an order for the Inye 2.

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