Earlier this week, we reported here on TechLoy that a new search engine for African jobs would be launched soon.

The job search engine called ‘Njorku’ crawls the web (especially job sites) to find jobs based on keyword searches in any African country and makes them available to users.

Today, we got an idea of what the search engine would likely look like when it eventually launches.

Here are some screen shots of Njorku:

The Njorku homepage (picture above) has a simple design and unique user interface that remind you of Google search.

Njorku’s search results show links to job sites around the web that have jobs related to your keyword search.

However, not all search results on the Njorku job search engine are relevant, but at least you’ll get results.

With Njorku, you can find jobs published on different job sites from different countries at a time, instead of visiting each site one at a time.

Njorku when launched would have features such as email alerts, SMS alerts, etc. would be released in beta at the end of March 2011 and would be integrated with and, both web properties of SYS Africa, co-founded by Mambe Nanje and Francis Oghuma.

What do  you think of Njorku? Will you use the job search engine?

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3 Responses to Njorku, Africa’s 1st Job Search Engine [Exclusive Screenshots]

  1. Foli says:

    Njorku sounds like it will help a lot of people searching for jobs. However, I couldn't help but think about the content of the search result, and as you also mentioned, some of them are irrelevant. I believe this will be a major factor for the success of Njorku. For example, when Google started, there were many other search engines around too, but Google stood out because of its unique search pattern, which provided it's users with most relevant information to least relevant in that respective order.

  2. [...] we posted exclusive screenshots of what the job search engine would look [...]

  3. Mambe Nanje says:

    @Foli you can try for yourself now on and (on your phone)
    and see if the relevant results dont come first… let us know… we listened to what Loy said and we fixed it

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