Soon, Blackberry users around the world including Nigeria can send apps bought off the Blackberry App World to a friend via the Blackberry Messenger (BBM).

RIM announced this new feature on Monday at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) holding in Barcelona, Spain.

According to the official press release from RIM,

“The innovative BBM mobile gifting platform will integrate with Blackberry App World and carrier billing systems and allow the gifting requests and approvals to be handled directly between the Blackberry subscribers using BBM with transactions that are secure, authenticated and non-repudiable.”

So, if you’ve got this hot new app from Blackberry App World, you can now share it with any BBM contact as a gift through Blackberry’s “Gift This App” functionality through BBM.

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3 Responses to Blackberry App World To Allow Users “Gift This App” Via BBM

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  2. why does mike tyson have a show coming on animal planet? o_O how does that make sense?

  3. Wow, they'll be able to access this in Nigeria? That sounds amazing! Good for Blackberry. :)

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