In the light of the popular saying: “Once a President, Always a President”, I guess “once a startup analyst, always a startup analyst, right?

Okay, enough of rhetoric.

Since I started this blog on June 1, I’ve received quite a number of requests to do a review of startups or just mention a startup. My response has almost always been the same:

“The blog has not been designed to review startups”.

Someone even wondered if I’ve changed my interests. And another dude has been nursing the idea of replacing me :-) Ouch…that’s touchy!

After considering related requests and comments, I’ve decided to start reviewing startups on, starting from September 1, 2009.

But there’s a problem.

Since I’ve been indirectly criticized by a Nigerian blogger for reviewing “mediocre” startups at the StartupsNigeria blog, I’m afraid my energies will be focused on tracking and tackling potentially viable technology startup companies from Nigeria. On the other hand, startups that may not be reviewed here could be mentioned from time to time.

While I’m not discouraging technopreneurship, I’ll hope that startup founders would understand if their startups are not reviewed here on this blog. Perhaps, this could inspire innovation and creativity amongst ‘technopreneurz’ in Nigeria and further help the emerging startup industry to become fully mature.

Take my word: I’ll make sure I don’t take a dime for the startups reviewed (call it ‘startup freeview’, if you like), but startup companies that would like to be featured, especially before or after a new product launch would have to make ad placements at an affordable fee.

With this new enthusiasm, I believe that I’ve been able to listen to and respect my audience’s views and opinions. I’ll hope that my reviews and analysis of startups would not be too critical or be overly criticized:-)

If you would like your startup to get a review for free on this blog, submit your startup here.

Visit to find latest startup reviews.

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3 Responses to Would you Like your Startup Freeviewed on

  1. Dej says:

    Okay so I won’t replace you :) . However, doesn’t every case need a second opinion?

  2. Ibro says:

    Hello Loy,

    Good to see you're back. We at (formerly are still waiting for you to take a look at our site.

    Hopefully with your new interest in reviewing startups you can give another Afro Interactive property a look.


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