I don’t know why I’ve been talking about Globacom lately. Maybe because they’ve been sending some annoying text messages to my phone asking me to text WIN to 555 and get a chance to become a millionaire.

Hmmm…becoming a millionaire is not a bad idea at all, but I’d really prefer to Think and Grow Rich rather than engage in get-rich-quick schemes, promos or lottery programmes.

That said, I think with the way Globacom (Glo for short) is going, they could become one of the largest lottery companies in the world. But wait, isn’t their primary business – TELECOMS?

lotto 2 balls

Or could it be 50% Telecoms, 50% Lottery? If so, shouldn’t they re-brand as Glotto Nigeria?

If there business is telecoms, how come they are now pro-lottery? Someone at the NCC should please check that out before Glo Shops become Glo Casinos (or Glosinos). Hmm, that would sure bring the biggest players in Las Vegas to Lagos.

While I’m not sure that Glo’s “Text for Millions” Super Promo will significantly increase their subscriber base (which dropped in Q4 2008), I equally don’t see them displacing MTN Nigeria to become the largest telecoms operator in Nigeria.

Again, I’m worried that such desperate marketing efforts may cause telecoms operators struggling for a larger market share to overlook the primary reason why they are in business – to satisfy their customers.

If I get a chance to interview Globacom’s CEO, Mike Adenuga, one of my questions to him would be: Have you re-branded Globacom as a lottery company?

I’ll just hope that I won’t be shown the door or worse punched in the face.

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4 Responses to Should Globacom Nigeria Rebrand as Glotto Nigeria?

  1. Mr. Sea says:


    Great article! Desperate times call for desperate measures. They figure it will be cheaper to entice people with random lottery events instead of investing in infrastructure and improved customer service. ₦5,000,000 in a lottery purse is nothing compared to the hundreds of millions needed to improve their systems or provide the required training on client facing personnel.


    • LoyOkezie says:

      Thanks dude. I think these marketing strategies are very lame. It shows how weak the NCC is in ensuring customers are giving the best service rather than lottery cheques.

  2. Hahahaha……….I can't help but laugh while reading this post.

    But, seriously I think the article is more to the advantage of Glo, because they might not know that they are going beyond the level of marketing to that of annoying some of their loyal customers.

    This reminds me of MTN's never ending upgrade; "We are sorry….due to upgrade to our network, blah….blah….blah.

    I don't know for Econet, sorry Vmobile, pardon my ignorance I mean to say Zain, because I'm not their loyal subscriber cause I've never liked their Cameleon nature.

    I think like Loy already stated, where there's no law there's no criminal. Hey! NCC…'s your calling.

    All We Are Sayingggggg!……………… give us Satisfaction and Value for our money.

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