In order to succeed in the ‘Buzz Industry’ – now by that I mean, the social media business – it is necessary that you find smart and easy ways to market that buzz offline, otherwise how can you grab audiences that don’t know what the heck is ‘Social Media’ or ‘Web 2.0′?

Since you can not start a social media school or take them tutorials on social media, here are some tips that will definitely help you become successful with an offline market.

Use Words of Mouth

You know how gossip spreads like wild fire? That’s exactly how gossip about your social media business can spread like a virus. Tell your friends, family members, neighbors, classmates, workmates and anyone you find about your business and the products and services that you offer. Trust me, they will tell other people, who will also tell others…tell others…tell others… That way, you are likely to have infected as many people as possible with your business.

Use Communities

Here, I mean communities such as your school, church, clubs, associations, etc The idea is to reach out to the members of these communities that may need your services. Quick phone calls, brief presentations, or even lunch with these people could simply do the magic.

Use Traditional Media

Your local newspaper can just be what your business needs to get widely known offline. You may contact a friend who works with any of your local print media and get him/her to write about your business. You can also get yourself an interview with the newspaper. Thus, more and more people offline will get to know your brand when they read these papers.

Use Advertising Tools

By this I mean, engage in some advertising and promotional efforts to promote your business. You can use tee-shirts, face caps, etc to market your brand. That way, you can get people offline to engage with your products and services online.

Are there any other offline marketing strategies you have used for your business? How have they worked for you?

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